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MISSION: Young @ Art provides an opportunity for young artists to develop life skills, creative thinking, respect and appreciation of community in a positive environment.

VISION: “To provide a neutral space where young creatives, of all cultures and abilities, can come together and create great art.”



We will acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all artists. We will hold ourselves accountable for creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, cultures, and experiences.


We will work alongside a family of non-profit organizations in our own community such as, Imagine Main Street, Art Fud, Manchester Arts Commission, Manchester Art Association, WORK_SPACE, the Eastside Neighborhood Resource Center and other area arts organizations to provide a multitude of resources for our young artists to embrace.


We will liberate the lives of each individual artist by feeding them positive reinforcement, recognition, continued support, mentorship, and work ethic.


We will sustain, reinvest, and reinvent our income streams to coincide with our mission and extended communities by wisely managing our human, natural, and material resources.


We will value the contributions of all, a blend of staff, volunteers, young artists, and community with a broad range of skills and talents in an immense collaboration.



To build a community art center where young artists can create and grow, in an environment which is supportive of their individuality and personal goals.

To provide a studio environment for young creatives which has materials available at their disposal, which will enable them to express their style, learn new skills, and collaborate with other artists.

To empower young creatives with the skills, business knowledge and confidence that will guide them into the world of professional art, and create commissioned opportunities which will provide a source of income and real world experience.

To develop relationships between the community and young artists by providing opportunities to see and experience the artwork in the creative process and engage in discussion with the artists about their work.

To develop and guide each creative’s artistic ability through personalized lessons and mentorship programs.

To provide a supportive out of classroom setting where creatives are allowed the time and freedom to explore and develop creative ideas.



To communicate and express the opportunities we can offer each individual that comes to Y@A and assist them with obtaining the skills and goals that they personally strive toward.

To provide income for artists willing to work on community art projects by soliciting local businesses for commissioned art, artwork for offices, or murals individualized for a company’s product or service.

To provide each artist with life skills, business skills, and self development through participation in the shared responsibility of running the retail store, gallery and keeping the facility neat and clean.

To build a relationship between the artists at the college level, adult level and youth by offering interactive programs at the facility.

To build a foundation for the future of Y@A by keeping ideas fresh, remain self sustaining and look for opportunities in other communities.

To focus on providing a facility that invites the community into a creative marketplace, where creation meets completion.


“where art equals income”

“opportunity is our canvas”

“we paint with diversity”

“university of diversity”

“Manchester, CT Imagine nation”

“bridging art, community, and change”